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Lightspace is a space for the family. So while we work with special needs for children, we also work with families. A child is not an isolated individual. S/he exists in a community and has a supporting team.

Founder's Message

Lightspace Foundation is a community designed around the special needs of our children & their parents. Here we create a vibrant space where everyone is embraced, enthused and empowered.

Sameera Kamulkar
Founder, Lightspace

Who we are

This team comprises of the therapists, the medical professionals, the family, the caretaker and has to be in tandem for us to gain traction. The child is at the centre of all the work that we do. 

Each child is different, and so the program for each child has to be unique. We take pride in putting together a unique plan for each child – with individual goals. We have one on one sessions to facilitate active learning. We coach parents to get involved in reinforcing and sustaining learning. We have quarterly meetings with parents where we discuss the achievement of goals in the IEP – this process of review and revamp is key to our approach.

All our therapies are based on evidence-based techniques that facilitate better results and are offered under one roof by certified and trained professionals.

Meet The Team

Currently, the team working directly with each child includes special educators, speech and language therapists, occupational and physiotherapist and psychologists.

This team is involved in assessing the child, developing IEP’s, conducting sessions and integrating the child’s specific goals into everyday classroom programs. Along with this, the team also closely monitors the child’s progress in each domain and continuously update the program to help the child achieve their maximum potential.

Julie Christie

Julie our Special educator at Lightspace, holds a Masters degree in Social Work and several added qualifications in the field of education for special needs for children. She has 5 years of work experience which includes in-depth work in mental rehabilitation centres (NIMHANS), hospitals, counselling centres and schools for children with special needs. Her pleasant demeanor, makes learning an enjoyable experience for children who take undertake therapy with her.

Amrita Prasad

Amrita Prasad, the speech and language therapist at our centre, has extensive experience in working with people with hearing and speech difficulty in various centres. She is a graduate student from Dr. S.R Chandrasekhar Institute of Speech and Hearing and has a Master’s Degree in Audiology & Speech Language Pathology from Samvaad, Bangalore. She is also a certified Oral Placement therapist, specialised in using ‘talk tools’. She has worked with children and adults with varying levels of difficulties in speech and hearing.

Shraddha Modi

With a varied experience, within India and abroad, Shraddha is a qualified Clinical Psychologist and a Developmental therapist from George Brown College, Canada. At Lightspace she is our special educator. She brings to the space a deep understanding of human behaviour, its nuances and its subsequent remedial therapies. She has worked in several schools and organizations, in Canada and in India that provides a strong foundation to her expertise.

Shahjahan Nisha

Nisha, a certified Physiotherapist and Occupational therapist, from MS Ramaiah Medical College, has very rich experience in various setups including hospitals and private clinics. Her clinical skills include – Neurological and Orthopaedic rehabilitation using various manual therapy techniques. She has a sound understanding of assessment skills with the ability to reach appropriate diagnosis and treatment plans for her patients. Nisha’s ability to quickly assess the child’s readiness and create a unique program for each child gives her tremendous success in her work.

Sudhancy Christie

Sudhancy, our Speech Language therapist is a dedicated and motivated professional, who works towards designing creative methods of intervention based on scientific research. With over 4 years of experience in the field of Speech Language Pathology and Audiology, she has worked with individuals of all ages, with diverse speech, language, swallowing and hearing disorders. In her experience, she had the opportunity to collaborate with a team of psychologists, neurologists, ENT, pediatrician, physiotherapists and occupational therapists to prepare comprehensive therapeutic programs for several organizations.

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At The Helm
Sameera Kamulkar

Sameera is the driving force behind Lightspace. You will seldom see an individual as driven or passionate about spreading positivity as is she. “Atmano mokshartham jagat hitachaya” (‘For one’s own salvation and for the welfare of the world’) describes her outlook towards life.

Sameera charted the course of her life at the young age of 12, while watching her father at a training session. As she watched her father’s words make a joyous impact on the gathering, she made an important decision – to help people see the light within themselves. Since then, her life has been an inner journey of spiritual awakening and an outer journey of helping people find their inner light.

At 17, she joined the Ramakrishna Mission to work with children in difficult circumstances. The following 24 years of her career were spent as a Human Resources professional, training and supporting the growth of people in large corporations. She discovered and mastered the techniques of alternative methods of therapy such as Reiki healing, tarot readings, meditation and Bach flower remedies. Her methods helped many understand and break out of their self-sabotaging behavioral patterns. She is a certified DDI facilitator and a coach from The Leadership Circle Group She is also a facilitator on the Science of Happiness from University of Berkeley and a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher accredited by the Holistic Therapists and Coaches, UK.

A while ago, Sameera decided to leave her corporate career behind and embark on a new journey. She founded Lightspace, an organization that supports children with special needs. Inspired by the bravery and determination of her four-year-old daughter with auditory neuropathy, Sameera decided to create a safe and happy haven for children with special needs and their parents. Lightspace has been conceptualized as a place of love and compassion, evolution and growth. In Sameera’s words, it’s a place with “open minds, open arms and an open heart.”

Light space - Logo - Mandala
Light space - Logo - Mandala
Swapnil Kamulkar

Swapnil Kamulkar leads a double life. At work he is a Global Manager with a Fortune 500 company and at home is a trustee with this Foundation and father to two beautiful girls, besides also being married to Sameera Kamulkar 

Swapnil, in a career spanning over 25 years has been has worked across various functions from sales to supply chain to HSSE. His strength lies in being able to balance business results with a strong people focus, consistently. He is a highly engaged leader and is much loved and respected by teams in a complex matrix global organization. 

He has strong spiritual background, having studied under many masters and guides. He is a meditator, an inspiring speaker and a coach to many. 

He along with his wife Sameera, started Lightspace Foundation to reach out to children with special needs and their families. Swapnil’s combination of business acumen and a compassionate heart is the truly the wind beneath our wings, constantly inspiring us to turn our vision into reality.

Vatsala Shrivastava

Vatsala has spent 13 years collecting stories and metadata to understand people, communities and organisations. In several editorial roles over her 8 years with The Asian Age / Deccan Chronicle, a leading Indian English daily, she focused on international and national affairs and wrote a weekly column “The Green Room” to bring out stories of unsung performing artists.

During her stay at U C Berkeley as a spouse of a migrant student, her own situation inspired Vatsala to give voice to the stories of women in transition by collecting and publishing them on platforms working for the welfare of International spouses and partners.

For a project at School of Information at U C Berkeley that believed in providing every person a change to tell their story, she travelled to remote areas in the Indian state of Bihar and immersed herself within local communities, audio-recording 250 folksongs, myths, local rumours, urban legends and personal anecdotes – some of them rare.

Vatsala now uses stories as a tool to connect social and business entrepreneurs with the communities they serve.

Light space - Logo - Mandala


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