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Lightspace Funding Philosophy

We at Lightspace believe that all children, of all hues and colors need a safe nurturing space where they are welcome and celebrated. That is the basic philosophy of Lightspace. Since its inception, Lightspace Foundation has been not only a school, but also a support group and a nurturing space for children with special needs and their families.

We also strongly believe that economic background of a family should not be a deterrent or an obstacle in the access and delivery of quality care for a special needs child.

We would like to create a corpus for children who are falling out from this system of care due to paucity of resources as well as sustain and enhance current scale of operations.

To this end, we would like to invite individuals, groups and corporates to make voluntary contributions.

All funds that we receive go into the following three areas

And finally, we do believe that generosity is its own validation. To give of yourself, of your time, of your resources is the most joyful experience a human being can encounter!

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