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We work with exceptional children who have special needs. Yes, there are labels, and if those are what you are looking for, then this is a brief list of a diverse range from mild to severe developmental needs that we work with:


Our teaching approach focuses on what the child needs. Using numerous education therapies and teaching methods, both individual and group, we keep the child’s need at the center of all the work we do.

A child with special needs generally has language, communication, social, and cognitive skill challenges. Due to these factors, they learn better with visual aids, imitation, and structured environments that accommodate their sensory sensitivities and routines. 

Our term begins with a baseline assessment and a goal-setting process, which forms the basis of a customized program created for the child. This program covers all areas of intervention, including a home-program for parents to follow through.


Each child is assessed in the following areas :

Motor Functions

Self-help Skills

Language and Communication


Logic and Reasoning

Social & Interpersonal skills

Progress in each domain is considered independently as well as comprehensively. The individual sessions' goals are based on the individual needs of each child.


Our programs are based on evidence-based techniques and follow a holistic and multi-pronged approach that includes –

Early Intervention
Assessment and development plans
Special education
Speech Therapy
Sensory Integration Lab
Occupation therapy, gross & fine motor skills
Ability based academic skills
Personal hygiene
Social and self management skills
Adaptive daily life skills
Group Therapies
Milestone assessment
Alternative therapies like Yoga, Dance & Music
Free Play
Yoga and Mindfulness

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