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Therapy Center

The Therapy Centre at Lightspace Foundation offers evidence based assessment and interventions in sessions of 45 minutes each for children with difficulties in the multiple areas. Our remedial approach is engaging for the child and focuses on not only building competence in the areas of deficit but also empowering the child with confidence and enthusiasm

Speech and Language Therapy

In these sessions our therapists focus on assessment and intervention for children with difficulties in in Language, Articulation, Voice, Fluency, Resonance (quality of speech), Prosody (tone and rhythm of speech)

Assessment and treatment for Speech and Language Disorders focuses on following skills:

Occupational and Physiotherapy

Children with persistent and recurring difficulties in the following areas can be referred for Occupational or Physiotherapy –

Our therapist assesses the child’s skill for playing, performance in school and daily activities with the norm for age appropriate developmental milestones. These assessments are done using standardized and non- standardized tools, parent interview and clinical observation of child’s performance. The program for each child is then individually customised and delivered.

Children with the following disorders may benefit from OT:

Special Education

We help children with difficulties in Literacy and Numeracy skills through remedial classes. Starting from the where the child is we use a variety of teaching aids and methodologies and work in building competence in the following areas -

Written expression
Numerical skills & concepts (for kids from Grade I to V)

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